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Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains and discolouration from teeth

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and improving their colour through a bleaching process to make them look “whiter”.
For heavily stained teeth a significant improvement in their appearance can be achieved following a procedure as simple as a scale and polish from a dental hygienist.
Our cosmetic dental practices offer a combination of in-office immediate teeth whitening and professional take-home tooth whitening kits with custom made trays. Both procedures are based on a bleaching process which uses a peroxide based compound which varies in strength (3-30% peroxide). The higher the concentration of peroxide in the compound the more powerful the bleaching compound is. This means it is more effective at whitening the teeth but at the same time has a greater potential to cause damage to the surrounding gum tissue and your lips.

Cosmetic Bleaching

Cosmetic Bleaching
Before bleaching after bleaching
Before-after bleaching
Before bleaching after bleaching

If you have any questions regarding bleaching techniques, or wonder if teeth whitening can improve the shade of your teeth, send us your digital photo. We would be happy to evaluate the photo and return a simulation of your whiter, brighter smile
Just about everyone wishes they had whiter teeth. Fortunately, there is an easy, painless way to make your teeth whiter with bleaching – a dental technique that can give you a dazzling, bright smile!Although teeth seem very hard , the enamel has microscopic pores that discolor over time as we age, from smoking, and from staining substances that we eat and drink. In some cases, enamel discoloration occurs during early tooth formation from antibiotic and fluoride consumption. Bleaching simply removes stains from the enamel of your teeth.

Before-After Teeth Whitening
Before Light Activated
Teeth Whitening
After Light Activated
Teeth Whitening

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening, and bleaching is ideal for patients who have healthy teeth and would like to have a brighter, more attractive smile. Bleaching willnot change the shade of existing bonding, veneers or crowns.
Most over-the-counter products such as ‘whitening’ toothpastes and gels are ineffective because they contain a low percentage of carbamide peroxide, and are not used in a concentrated form directly on the teeth.

Before-after Whitening

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