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Laser Dentistry

Recent advances in laser technology have allowed specially trained dentist, Dr. Amruta Kakade, to perform comfortable laser sessions for her clients. Dental lasers are used for a variety of treatments. Just like nails, gums need a good manicure.

The Laser can be an excellent tool for these gums and teeth in need of a makeover. With its micro-precision, the laser

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can perform magic. It is the greatest sculpturing tool to assist in creating the perfect smile. Do you have a gummy smile? Laser dentistry might be the solution.

Lasers can also be used to:

  • Whiten teeth
  • Treat sensitive teeth
  • Reduce the need for anesthesia
  • Treat gum disorders
  • Correct gummy smiles

What is Laser Dentistry?

In the past 20 years, almost every medical field has added innovative procedure methods to their arsenal. For surgeons, fiber optic cameras have now assisted almost all major operations, decreasing the invasiveness and chance of mistakes. In the dental field, lasers have added precision and efficiency to both medical and cosmetic procedures. Since the FDA’s approval of soft tissue laser procedures in 1990 and hard tissue procedures in 1996, dentists have been able to offer this alternative for many of their patients’ needs.

The benefits of a laser procedure are tremendous. The high powered beam is so precise that it causes far less damage than a scalpel, and has eliminated the need for sutures (taka.stitches) in many soft tissue related procedures. The high-powered light also causes the blood vessels to clot, so there is less bleeding involved. Additionally, the chance for a bacterial infection to occur is reduced because the laser will sterilize the entire area and a painless application of the laser means that many procedures won’t require anesthetics. This way, the dental laser has allowed for procedures to be completed more efficiently and for the subsequent healing time to be cut in half.

The greatest part about the dental laser is that it can be applied to both medical and cosmetic procedures. Your dentist can use the high powered beam to detect cavities and then to eliminate bacteria in the area in preparation of a filling. Lasers can also be used to repair a sensitive tooth by targeting the problem at the source: the root. In cosmetic procedures, the laser can be used to prepare the bone and tissue for the placement of a crown, ensuring a stable and long lasting correction. Gummy smiles can be reshaped using the laser to reveal a more appealing smile. Laser teeth whitening has allowed patients to have a whiter smile in as little as one dentist visit, up to two weeks faster than previous methods. In short, lasers have allowed dentists to offer faster and more reliable alternatives to many dental procedures.

At All Care Dental Clinic, Dr. Amruta.Kakade is experienced with the many applications of the dental laser. Whether you are looking to reduce the pain and healing process of a surgical procedure or want to enhance your smile in the fastest and most efficient manner, a dental laser procedure may be right for you. Contact All Care Dental Clinic today to schedule a consultation for a laser dental procedure.

Give Your Smile a Makeover with Laser Dentistry

Your smile is your introduction to the world and when you feel self-conscious about its appearance, you limit yourself. Whether intentionally or not, many people who feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of their teeth and gums find that they hide their smile, which can affect relationships and interactions across the board. It is time to stop hiding your true self and take the steps necessary to give yourself a more welcoming appearance. One of the most effective ways to make a major difference is with laser dentistry. Laser dentistry works for a variety of different teeth and gum issues and it can give you a complete smile makeover.

Gummy smile

There is a certain gum to tooth ratio that needs to be in proportion in order for a smile to look its best. When this proportion is out of sync, you can end up with a “gummy smile.” Your gums are the frame of your teeth. In this way, you want to be sure that your teeth are the focus; just like you would want with a piece of artwork that is framed. The frame shouldn’t overpower the art. When this happens with your gums, laser dentistry is one of the best solutions to remedy your smile. The laser provides such precision that your cosmetic dentist can carefully sculpt your gums to give them just the right proportion. The best part is that the process is completely painless. Topical anesthesia is all that is needed to numb your gums, which means no needles are required. So whether your gums make your teeth look too short or if they make your teeth look uneven, laser dentistry is your pain-free solution to improving their appearance.

Restoring Gum Health

You may be surprised to learn that laser dentistry can also help to restore the health of your gums. When a deep cleaning is not sufficient, a laser can be used to help remove periodontal disease or inflammation of your gums.

Whitening Your Teeth

Having a whiter, brighter smile is easy with laser dentistry. When you don’t have the time or the patience to deal with bleaching creams and trays, you still have a chance to whiten your teeth. The laser can whiten your teeth in a greatly reduced amount of time and to the exact shade that you feel is best for your appearance.

Because of advanced technology, laser dentistry provides a much faster healing time than most other procedures and minimizes any discomfort you may experience. You will wonder why you didn’t fix your smile sooner. Laser dentistry is easy, painless and affordable. Talk to your cosmetic dentist today.