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Patient Reviews

  1. “I was tired of opening my mouth when I smiled
    And I wasn’t getting any younger-it was my time to handle this. So I contacted Dr. Amruta.
    I can’t say enough good things about getting my teeth restored. They are more esthetic and function better
    Everyone notices now
    You look much younger now
    I am 66 but I feel like I am 18..”

  1. “I ignored my teeth until it was too late
    My teeth were missing ,broken, full of silver fillings, yellowed cracked,
    chipped-you name it. I dint smile. I dint like how I looked
    Dr.Amruta took me step by step & we reversed the years of neglect.
    I now have healthy teeth which will last for a life time.
    I no longer inhibit myself.
    My smile is front and center everyday..”

  1. Dr. Amruta perfectly shaped my smile for my face..
    My teeth are of right colour
    Instead of my smile being distracting,its now bright. It took years off me
    People love my smile;they said it makes my skin glow and more youth ful
    (*My eyes lookbetter too…)”

  1. “I have been trying to handle my teeth forever!
    Having braces dint work. Then I got retainers and a fake tooth that looked weird. That dint work too.
    For more than 10 long years I tried to get my teeth fixed. I hated my smile. I hated my teeth.
    So I went to see Dr. Amruta. and thanks to their skils and dedication, they have helped me to smile again
    Now my teeth are perfect
    My smile is beautiful
    I have gained a new level of confidence.. ”

  1. Dr. Amruta is a very fine dentist with excellent professional skills. I can say so confidently as she has given me a completely painless root canal treatment. She has a calming effect on her patients. Thanks to her, I am not scared of dental treatments anymore. “

    Shweta, 25 May 2010

  1. “A beautiful doctor with a perfect smile. Makes you feel at home. Very good at her work. Takes out the fear or apprehension from your treatment experience.”

    Karan Chavan, 1 May 2010

  1. “Excellent Service!! Amruta is very good in all dental departments like root canals, tooth alignment, flourination etc Very satisfied with what I have got.”

    Vidya, 27 April 2010

  1. Dr. Amruta Kakade.Special thanks to doctor coz she gave me my SMILE back. Now am very confident in my personal and professional life. She has done excellent job with very good quality of work on my teeth within a 45 days (Total 18 root canals and 2 bridges). Very helping in nature and straight forward with suggestions, no hidden charges during treatments. THANKS A LOT DOCTOR for your support!”

    Tejas Suryawanshi, 27 April 2010

  1. “Excellent treatment. Have done my 5 root canals from her. Very good experience!!!”

    Shekhar, 21 April 2010

  1. “The most noticeable part about ALL CARE DENTAL CLINIC is the sterilization!! I had never seen this level of sterilization protocol in any other dental clinic. According to me Dr. Amruta is the best dentist in Kothrud. Very skillful and the treatments here are very affordable too”

    Dr. Bindumadhav galgali, 27 January 2011

  1. “Very affordable dentist in karvenagar area, excellent work done during my root canal, very friendly atmosphere maintained, good customer service.”

    Siddharth, 19 April 2010

  1. Dr. Amruta has corrected all the poor jobs done in my mouth by other dentists. I had started suffering from pain in my jaw joints because of bad bridges, but Dr. Amruta has relieved me of my pain completely!! Finally I`ve found a dentist who puts her patients above everything else! Thank you doctor.”

    Pralhad, 27 January 2011

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