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Snap on smile

There are several ways to transform your smile at All Care Dental Clinic. A smile makeover can involve anything from implants and veneers. No matter what your needs are, you can be smiling like the stars in just a couple of days.
You’ve been dazzled by their smiles on the big screen – now get the very same look with the newest creation in smile makeovers in All Care Dental Clinic. You can choose your own smile straight from a line-up of Hollywood A-listers – Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few – and in a matter of days you’ll be turning heads with your new look.
Increase Star Power with All Care Dental Clinic Makeover by Dr. Amruta
Did you know that some of Hollywood’s biggest names have struggled with less-than-perfect teeth at one time or another? Where do they go to get star treatment and exceptional results? Dr. Amruta Kakade at All Care Dental Clinic
The Snap-On Smile is a less-expensive alternative to full mouth reconstruction, and is virtually pain-free.
For the price of one porcelain veneer, you can get an entire upper arch of custom fitted teeth! It is the most affordable solution to fixing gaps, spaces and uneven teeth. With a Snap-On smile we have helped college students who want to look great in job interviews. Our Snap-On Smile has helped new actors look more professional in auditions. We have helped new brides look fabulous on their wedding day – all with a Snap-On Smile! It snaps on to your own back teeth without adhesives and it won’t move or fall out when you chew soft foods and gum.
The newest Snap-On Smile design allows you to keep the teeth in all day, even during normal meals. The Snap-On Smile is made of flexible material that adapts to your mouth and can bend and retract to your real teeth without breaking or cracking.
The Snap-On Smile involves no invasive surgery and is perfect for the dental phobic to receive a full mouth reconstruction in a Snap! There is no drilling or changing of tooth structure. For special occasions when you need to look your best, make a lasting impression with the Snap-On Smile.
Talk with Dr. amruta today and you’ll be looking like the star of your choice in no time with a smile makeover in All Care Dental Clinic. Call 09881142494 for a private consultation with Dr.amruta