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Tooth Staining

What is Tooth Staining?

Tooth staining is a common phenomenon and it affects more of men than women. There are people
whose teeth are naturally either yellow or grey in color and in spite of this their teeth could be healthy.
A number of reasons cause staining of your teeth and these are given here.
The human teeth do not have anything called a normal shade for a healthy human being. The human
teeth can vary in their specific shade of white from normal to natural color.

What are the various types of tooth staining?

Tooth Staining can be extrinsic/ external, intrinsic/ internal and combination of both extrinsic and

What are the reasons for tooth staining?

There are a number of things in a person’s life style that could cause staining in a person’s teeth. These
are as follows.
1. Poor oral hygiene – If you do not brush regularly/ properly, plaque will get stuck to your teeth and can
give yellow color to the teeth. Red gums
2. Chromogenic foods – Chromogenic substances are capable of conversion into a pigment or dye.
Chromogenic foods normally refer to foods and drinks that are likely to stain your teeth. Most of the
items in this category are beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine etc. In addition items such as
berries, curry and fried foods also are likely to stain your teeth.
3. Medications – Tooth staining can also be caused by the use of certain medicines. These are as follows.
1. The antibiotics tetracycline and its derivative compounds minocycline and doxycycline cause blue-
gray staining of the tooth of children when their teeth are in the formation stage. Pregnant women and
children under the age of 12 years are not to be administered with tetracycline products.
2. Brown staining and white flecks will be caused by the ingestion of fluoride from the tooth paste

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well as fluoride drops. Children of young age swallow toothpaste and hence the dentists recommend
not using fluoride tooth paste by children of this age until they understand to spit it out
3. Iron tablets might cause black marks in your tooth.
4. Mouthwashes that contain the antibacterial chlorhexidine.
4. People’s age – In the elderly people as the enamel wears thin there is a tendency to develop brown
5. Smoking & Tobacco use –The tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes as well as smokeless
tobacco, over a period of long time might cause both extrinsic and intrinsic staining of the teeth.
6. Tooth decay or Cavities – If there is tooth decay, the locations where tooth decay exists will be brown
to black in color. The tooth decay may not be visible; however the staining it causes will be visible
through portions of the tooth that look intact.

What can I do about tooth staining?

The extrinsic staining affects the external part of the tooth and this can be removed by following a
proper oral hygiene program of brushing and flossing. You can get professional cleaning done for
removing the plaque and debris that cause staining.
Whitening toothpastes are effective in removing staining; however, they do not lighten the teeth color.
Whitening chewing gum, such might help in reducing the build-up of staining.
Intrinsic staining cannot be removed except that you could get a cosmetic improvement by using
porcelain veneers or crowns.